An Introduction. Our love story... Part 2


As my better half said, love at first sight was far from our fight sighting of each other, I was young and ignorant, with little desire to even befriend a person of the opposite sex in Hawaii that summer. Well I had little choice, Washing dishes everyday, 3 times a day with a talkative, passionate fellow goofball eventually leads to a tight nit friendship. The story although is far from the romantic part. I thought I was in love...with another girl from my childhood, and I was sure I was going to marry her, Amber helped me through the heartache and gave me "advice" for my relationship. The last thing on my mind was 

"I think I like Amber"

 more like

 "I could never be with someone like that!"

Later that year we parted ways to share Jesus in Europe and Fiji, the distance did us good, Until the end of our out reaches. A Longing for the goofy friend washing dishes with me hit my heart like a sack of rocks. I couldn't wait to see this girl! 

"But wait, my heart was with so one else"

...or was it? I ignored the question and we were reunited, at this point Amber was sure she liked me, the 

"I could talk with him forever" 

line did it for her. I was not so swayed, and the confusion set in. I felt like I was in high school agin trying to figure out what that butterfly feeling in my stomach was when I was around a pretty girl. When she professed her "dire love for me" I had nothing to say but

"I just don't know how I feel, and The Lord told me to be single until 2015!"

Well, I knew I head the voice of God I Germany earlier that year saying just that.

What on earth was I supposed to do?


It was a brilliant love story gone bad with "my future soul mate" ( the other girl ) or so I thought, yet Amber was still there. We led a team in 2014 to South Africa for 3 months. It was there, seeing my best friend lead, suffer, endure and serve with the heart of Jesus that I knew she was something special. What I did not know then is that she would soon become the most special person to ever enter my life. 

As our year went on, the more twisted inside I became, my heart was all turned around but something was telling me,

"Just hold on, she's worth the wait"

Well I ignored that small voice and made a call to Amber saying;

"Sorry, I don't have any feelings for you, we will never be together, oh and I'm going to Asia alone to see what God has for me"

It broke her heart, but needed to happen. Backpacking South East Asia was the best thing I ever did. just me, my camera and a passport. Week by week went by, and I became more and more lonely, depressed and feeling like I left something back home I needed, something I so desperately wanted. It was not until my bike and I were stuck on a boat going up the Mekong river for three days that I finally gave it all to God saying;

"Change my heart for Amber if it's your will"

The next morning I felt those "butterflies" agin and knew in my heart of hearts that I needed Amber by my side everyday. I instantly lost all desire to continue traveling alone. I called her father and apologized for the hurt I caused and

" Oh by the way, I would like to move to Tyler Tx and court your daughter"


God had to have been at work with his "yes" response. I told Amber my heart and how I knew I needed to be with her after my adventure.

I finished up my travels ending in China and surprised my family and friends back state side while they all thought I was in Vietnam. Amber was the last to be surprised though, on her door step, on New Years 2015 ( the day I was "free to pursue" ) she received a knock on the door and a little box was outside with a neckless I designed that connects everyplace we have been in the world until that day in Tyler Texas. I ask her to spend New Years with me and to for ever be by my side.