An Introduction. OUR LOVE STORY... PART 1

An introduction. OUR LOVE STORY… Part 1

A girl from Texas, meets a guy from Arizona, and it was not love at first sight…

Our story begins over social media, as a group of young artistic Jesus lovers are about to embark on the adventure of their lives and are meeting and chatting it up on Facebook for the first time.

Sam & I began our friendship, in 2013 before we took off for Kona, Hawaii. We both had a passion for Art, especially through Photography, loving people, traveling and Jesus!

Through conversation it seemed Sam & I had the same heart for life and how we wanted to live it. During our Discipleship Training School, with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) we became close friends and even had work duty together which provided lots of time to talk and share our hearts. During this season, a beautiful friendship was established and we went our separate ways for outreach for 3 months. As we faced different challenges in different countries God really taught us a lot about who He is and how He loves us. 

Both Sam and I had our “hearts” with different people and had been very hurt by past relationships. This was something God was in the process of healing in my life and revealing in Sams.

When we got back from outreach I had yet again, been let down by another guy and as I healed from that and let go of it, Sam was right there for me as a friend. I always loved talking to Sam and felt so comfortable around him. He was safe and radical and I loved his adventurous spirit. I remember the first time I realized my feelings for him had changed from friendship to something “more”. I was talking to our mutual friend Ricki, who had been on outreach with Sam, and she was saying how thankful she was that he had been on her team, and I responded with something like, “isn’t he great! I just love talking to him! I could talk to him forever about anything…” And then I realized, “OH. MY. GOSH. Something changed! I have more than, "just friend", feelings for him.” But of course I couldn’t admit that! And with he and I being such good friends, I KNEW that he had feelings for someone else. Thus began a very long, trying & beautiful journey of how Sam came to also have more than "just friends" feelings for me….